Apple Reverses Policy and Allows MJ Delivery Services In App Store

On the #domestic front, #Apple changes its policy to allow #cannabis #delivery service providers on its app store. The official guidelines, which were updated last month, reverse the #tech giant’s previous ban on platforms that facilitate the sale of #marijuana as a controlled substance. Under the new rules, cannabis delivery apps will now be permitted, as long as they are geo-restricted to jurisdictions with legal markets and submitted by the #businesses providing the service and not by individual developers. #Apps encouraging marijuana use by minors will remain prohibited. Not only have cannabis delivery services like #California-based #Eaze been affected by Apple’s past procedures, but regulatory bodies like the #Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission and Pax’s #vaporizer-operating app have also faced restrictions. The change represents a significant shift in tech industry standards, which have often clashed with the marijuana sector. #Facebook and Instagram, for example, will allow cannabis companies to utilize their #platforms, but may censor or restrict the #online #distribution of their content to prevent advertising. Industry experts believe #Amazon’s recent discontinuation of pre-employment marijuana screening combined with the legalization movement across the country have led to Apple’s decision. While #Google maintains their ban on cannabis-related apps, some speculate that it’s only a matter of time before their policies change as well.

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