Biden USDA Finalizes Federal Hemp Rules Without Expected Revisions

#President #Biden’s newly confirmed head of the #US Department of #Agriculture approves nationwide #hemp industry rules, more than two years after the #crop was federally legalized. Though industry stakeholders expected #USDA Secretary and hemp advocate Tom Vilsack to amend the regulations, since they were published under the #Trump administration in #January and subject to further review, he finalized the policies without making any additional changes. Certain revisions had already been made, however, to accommodate critics’ concerns, including raising the negligence limit requiring crop disposal from .5 percent to 1 percent #THC and expanding the hemp testing window from 15 to 30 days. Hemp farmers are still taking issue with other provisions, like the requirement that testing labs be certified by the DEA, but are hopeful further reform will be enacted as the market evolves. This comes as the USDA continues to approve specific state and tribal hemp production plans, signing off on at least 72 #proposals so far. The recently finalized federal hemp rules will take effect as originally planned on #March 22nd.

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