California Legislature Passes Comprehensive MJ Reform Bill

In #California, lawmakers approve sweeping reform to the state’s #cannabis regulatory system, including an extension of temporary #business licenses. Assembly #Bill 141, which was initially proposed by #democratic #Governor Gavin #Newsom and acts as supplementary #legislation to his previously passed #budget plan, will allow provisional business permits to be renewed until 2025, instead of the upcoming deadline at the start of next year. The move builds upon the 100 #million #dollars in grant funding appropriated in the original budget to ease licensing backlogs and transition the more than 8,000 #marijuana companies, representing approximately 83 percent of the state’s cannabis businesses, from temporary to permanent permits. Because some California counties, like #Sonoma and #Mendocino, are exempt from the rules and could still shut down provisional licensees in 2022, the California Cannabis Industry Association opposed the bill, claiming it doesn’t go far enough to stabilize the sector. #Lobbyist for the organization Amy #Jenkins, and other advocates, say legislators have committed to fixing the issue when they come back from their recess in #August. Among other technical changes, the measure will also accomplish one of Newsom’s other goals, to consolidate the California Bureau of Cannabis Control with the marijuana regulatory branches of the departments of Public Health and #Food and #Agriculture into a single agency called the Department of Cannabis Control. The merger is intended to simplify various marijuana industry issues while reducing bureaucratic red tape. 10,000 dollars has been designated from the general fund to implement the changes outlined in the legislation.

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