A new #national #cannabis #advocacy coalition with #Republican backing aims to influence federal #marijuana reform. The idea for the recently-launched Cannabis Freedom Alliance was formed following a #Zoom call between #rapper and cannabis mogul #Snoop Dogg, right-wing #billionaire Charles #Koch, and criminal justice activist Weldon Angelos last summer. The group includes the conservative political organization #Americans for #Prosperity and #nonprofit The Weldon Project, which pushes for the release of people in prison for marijuana offenses, as well as other political and #trade associations. The alliance is dedicated to ending federal cannabis #prohibition, #advocating for participation from individuals formerly involved in illicit marijuana operations, and promoting free market policies as well as low tax rates. According to Angelos, who was pardoned by former #President #Trump in #December after serving 13 of his sentenced 55-years for cannabis trafficking, the influence of the far-reaching Koch network could be the turning point in gaining Republican support for nationwide legalization. While the group plans to start by reaching out to libertarian-leaning lawmakers, like senators #Rand Paul and Mike Lee, such politicians could change the dynamics of a mostly democrat-led debate on a specific regulatory framework. The CFA is the third marijuana lobbying organization to launch this year, following the #US Cannabis Council and the Coalition for Cannabis Policy, Education, and Regulation.

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