Cannabis Storage Innovation with Karina Karassev of Stori

As the cannabis industry grows and more product is being produced than ever, packaging waste is one of the second-order consequences that a few companies are tackling including Stori.

In this interview, we chat with Karina Karassev about her team’s journey to reduce waste and improve product shelf life at home.

Here are some helpful points to hop to in the interview:
+ What is Stori? (2:46)
+ What was the genesis of this product? (6:09)
+ How Product Hunt helped with Feedback (10:29)
+ An app to track your cannabis (11:43)
+ Biggest challenges of developing a product in the cannabis industry (14:24)
+ Why choose to innovate in the cannabis industry with little experience? (19:25)
+ Issues with Canadian Regulations (Province by Province Laws) (23:20)
+ Preserving your values and creating products (25:46)
+ Think BEYOND pretty cannabis packaging (27:02)

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