Cannabix Technologies Granted Canadian Patent For THC Breathalyzer

In #Canada, Cannabix Technologies secures a #patent for their #marijuana #breathalyzer, while partnering with a private clinic to #beta-test the device. The #Burnaby-based tech company received the patent, which they originally filed for back in #2015, from the #Canadian Intellectual Property Office last week. The technology behind their #THC Breath Analyzer will allow law enforcement, employers and #healthcare practitioners to detect recent marijuana consumption, as opposed to the historic use picked up by traditional, more invasive testing methods. Cannabix also reported the product was delivered to an undisclosed clinic in the #Northwestern United States last month to undergo beta testing focused on improving its administration, substance isolation, machine learning database and sensitivity profile. This comes after the company was granted a #US patent earlier this year. As cannabis legalization efforts spread across the country and #globally, the race is on to launch the first commercial marijuana breathalyzer, with #California-headquartered Hound Labs and the University of #Pittsburgh also pursuing the production of such a device. According to #CEO Rav Mlait, Cannabix is at the forefront of developing the tools to aid #public #safety and create more relevant and fairer cannabis testing technology. Cannabix trades over the counter as BLOZF.

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