CBD Discrepancies in Europe, Acreage Holdings 12.9 Million Dollars and Utah Cultivation License

On the domestic front: new rules on travelling with CBD. The TSA updates its policy to allow hemp-derived CBD products and medications on flights, in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing the substance. While any cannabis product illegal under federal law, like medical marijuana, will still be prohibited, it’s unclear how the agency plans to enforce the policy.

In Utah, MMJ cultivation licenses could cost up to a hundred thousand dollars a year, according to the proposed rules for the state’s medical cannabis program. With a ten thousand dollar application fee, and only ten licenses up for grabs, the cost of entering the new market might look unattainable, but the rules must still face a public hearing before being implemented.

New regulations are approved in Missouri. After legalizing medical cannabis in November, the state finally released the rules of the program, which will establish at least sixty commercial growers, eighty six manufacturing facilities, and almost two hundred dispensary licenses. Patient and business application filing is already underway.

In North Dakota, a private clinic owned by multistate operator Green Health Docs was forced to close and refund almost twenty two thousand dollars to customers for medical marijuana cards they didn’t receive. The clinic violated the state law prohibiting providers from issuing MMJ cards without having a previous relationship with the patient, however the case highlights the demand for medical cannabis in state.

In the finance realm, New York-based cannabis giant Acreage Holdings reports first quarter earnings of 12.9 million dollars, up 487 percent from the same time last year, further solidifying their prominent position in the country ahead of the company’s highly anticipated acquisition by Canadian corporation Canopy Growth.

In Canada: a new take on cannabis education. Canopy Growth teams up with Parent Action on Drugs and Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy to launch a comprehensive program aimed at educating youth about cannabis, using evidence-based information, open dialogue, and digital tools. Although not abstinence-only like programs of the past, there will be realistic discussions about the risks of use, especially at an early age. Tell us what your approach would be in educating the youth about cannabis online.

In Europe, nonprofit organizations in Spain, the UK, the Czech Republic, and Austria conduct safety and consistency tests on CBD products, with some results showing discrepancies between actual CBD, THC or contaminant levels and product labels. Many are calling for EU-regulated standards to protect the increasingly-popular European CBD industry.

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Directed by: Micah Tatum @arbitrageent
News Anchor: Jacqui Verdura

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