Company challenges seizure of marijuana cash proceeds in Kansas

A #cash-management company is asking a #federal court to give back nearly $166,000 in #medical #marijuana sales that #Kansas law enforcement seized while the money was being transported from #Missouri to #Colorado. Sheriff’s deputies in #Dickinson County, Kansas, stopped a driver as she was traveling with the cash. The driver, a #Denver-based employee of Empyreal Logistics, was transporting cash from MMJ dispensaries in Kansas City, Missouri, to a credit union in Colorado. Marijuana is legal in those two state but not in Kansas. The driver was not charged. However, federal prosecutors said the #money is subject to forfeiture because it breaks a #US law forbidding the manufacture and distribution of federally illegal drugs. After the U.S. attorney’s office in Kansas filed the civil forfeiture action in federal court seeking to #seize the money, a federal magistrate judge ruled in September that there was probable cause to seize the money because it was the product of illegal drug sales. A hearing is scheduled for #January. Empyreal argues the money was generated through legal business dealings.

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