Curaleaf Partners With Rolling Stone To Launch Product Line In Las Vegas

In the entertainment world, Curaleaf is partnering with #pop #culture and music media outlet Rolling Stone to launch a #marijuana product line and #LasVegas retail store. The #Massachusetts-based leading multistate #cannabis operator will produce a variety of pre-rolls and vape #cartridges under their popular Select brand name. The “Rolling Stone by Select” line will offer three strains in each product format, utilizing music industry terminology in their names, with an “overdrive” #sativa, “reverb” #indica, and “phaser” #hybrid. #President and #COO of the 54-year old #magazine, Gus Wenner, who emphasized the publication’s long history of reporting on cannabis issues, describes Curaleaf as the perfect partner to design products celebrating the connection between #marijuana and the #music-listening experience. The brands also announced plans to open a first-of-its-kind store in Las #Vegas sometime next year, of which they’ll release more details in the near future. In the meantime, their new products will be distributed through #Select’s wholesale associates and #Curaleaf’s 106 retail locations spanning 23 states.

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