Floating Truck Carrying $530K of Cannabis Across Rio Grande River Seized By Boarder Patrol

In #Texas, more than half a #million #dollars worth of #smuggled #cannabis is seized after #border patrol authorities intercept a truck attempting to cross the Rio Grande #River. When Brownsville Station agents began following a white #Ford Explorer suspected of being involved in drug trafficking, it changed direction and eventually entered the body of water. Though the truck’s trailer was retrofitted to be buoyant, the two individuals abandoned the #vehicle and retreated to #Mexico with two bundles of marijuana. Officers alerted #Mexican authorities, who discovered more than 665 pounds of cannabis worth an estimated 530,000 dollars distributed between 29 separate packages in the truck. This isn’t the first incident of a modified, floating vehicle crossing the waterway with illegal #marijuana, as a similar situation resulted in the confiscation of more than 565 #pounds of cannabis in the same area last month. The Rio Grande is a common route for the smuggling of illicit substances in general, and has been designated a high intensity drug trafficking area by the #US Department of Justice. No suspects have been apprehended in connection to the most recent seizure, and local #residents with relevant information or who witness any suspicious activity are encouraged to report it to customs and border protection.

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