Florida Supreme Court Invalidates Adult-Use MJ Ballot Initiative

In #Florida, an #adult-use #cannabis legalization proposal aiming for the 2022 ballot is rejected by the state’s supreme court. 5 out of 7 justices ruled against the measure, labelling it misleading. They argued the initiative was unconstitutional because it claimed it would permit the purchase and possession of #marijuana by adults 21 and older, without acknowledging such #activities would still be federally prohibited. The decision came after the proposal managed to garner more than 556,000 of the required 891,000 signatures. Now, the #advocacy campaign, Make it Legal Florida, which raised 8.2 #million #dollars in support of the effort, will need to start from scratch after redrafting the amendment in order to get it on a #future ballot. The 2016 ballot proposal which legalized the state’s #MMJ program was likewise subject to a court review, but was not overturned due to its more explicit summary specifying the policy would not protect patients from federal repercussions. If a constitutional amendment legalizing recreational cannabis qualifies for a future ballot, it would need 60 percent of the #vote to pass. Because recent polling suggests only 59 percent of Florida residents support adult-use marijuana legalization, such a measure’s eventual chances of becoming law remain unclear.

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