Georgia Authorities Arrest Dozens In Illicit MJ Superstore Bust

In #Georgia, police arrest 30 people and seize more than 1,000 pounds of #marijuana #flower and #edibles, during the raid of an illicit #cannabis superstore in #Atlanta. The bust is the largest in the South #Fulton #County police department’s history, and resulted from a 3 month-long investigation involving their #narcotics unit, the #DEA, as well as various other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. After executing multiple search warrants, police discovered an approximately 15,000 square-foot #warehouse in which individual #vendors displayed tables of marijuana products in an emporium-style #marketplace. In addition to the 30 people arrested for unlawful drug #trafficking, 31 shoppers were cited, 10 vehicles impounded, and 13 guns confiscated. The initial investigation into the illicit activity reportedly began with a probe into illegal street-#racing. According to a police spokesman, the well-patronized cannabis warehouse is thought to be one of several locations that have been operating for the past three years. While Georgia legalized a limited medical marijuana market in 2019, recreational use remains prohibited, meaning the sellers could face fines of as much as 100,000 #dollars, and up to 30 years in prison. The investigation into the operation is ongoing.

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