Increase Dispensary Revenue with Impulse Purchases

In this video, we explore what drives people to make impulse purchases and discuss tips on how to increase the revenue and profit of your cannabis dispensary.

Here are some helpful spots to jump to in the video:

+ What is Impulse Buying? (2:14)
+ What causes dispensary clients to impulse buy? (3:19)
+ 4 reasons people impulsively buy and how to leverage these in your cannabis dispensary (4:47)
– Enjoyment (New/Novel Products) (5:30)
– Loss Aversion (Gift Card Deals, Named Deals) (7:00)
– The Need to Stockpile (Large quantity deals, Double stamps) (10:58)
– Optimism (High-value bundles, Variety bundles) (14:36)
+ Additional Tips to Increase Cannabis Dispensary Revenue
– Put Clients Through a Checkout Aisle (17:27)
– Suggestive Selling (18:35)
– Strategic Deal Offers (19:56)

If you need help with your cannabis accounting or help with your cannabis dispensary financials, then please reach out to us at: or call 800-674-9050.

William Bradley

William Bradley

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