Khiron Opens Clinics, Oklahoma Approve Legislation, & NewYork Delivery and Amazon Faces Legal Action

In #Oklahoma, lawmakers approve legislation allowing #MMJ patients from anywhere in the country to participate in the state’s #medical #cannabis program. #House Bill 2022, sponsored by #Republican Rep Scott Fetgatter, would open up eligibility for nonresident patients to include all #Americans, as opposed to the current rule restricting medical marijuana licenses to only those from states with their own legal programs. The measure would further extend their license validity from 30 days to 2 years, bringing the period in line with the expiration date for Oklahoma patients. #License requirements include a 200 #dollar fee, and approval from the state’s Medical #Marijuana Authority after obtaining a doctor’s recommendation, which can be prescribed for any condition deemed necessary by the individual physician. The move has major implications for neighboring #Texans, whose MMJ program is so limited, it’s considered medical #CBD only. The new bill could potentially open up Oklahoma’s market for significant expansion, by providing access to millions of Texans, though they would still need to worry about enforcement against possession once back in the Lone Star state. After passing the state house last month, the legislation now heads to the #Senate’s #Business, Commerce, and #Tourism Committee before being taken up by the full chamber.

In #NewYork, delivery and #retail giant #Amazon faces legal action after rescinding a job offer based on a prospective employee’s #cannabis use. #NYC resident Michael Thomas filed a complaint in #Brooklyn federal court, claiming the #Seattle-based company turned him down for a package sorting position at their #Staten Island warehouse late last year after he tested positive for #THC. He’s arguing their decision violates New York City’s #Human Rights law, which was amended in #May to prohibit pre-employment screening for #marijuana, with exemptions for certain jobs, such as those involving the operation of heavy machinery. While increasing cannabis reform has led some states to outlaw employment discrimination based on a positive marijuana test, like #Maine and #Nevada, federal prohibition and lingering stigmas mean the practice is still common among many businesses. In fact, a recent survey from online job search engine Simply Hired revealed more than 51 percent of large #US companies continue to test applicants for cannabis, irrespective of state policy. According to Thomas’s lawyers, Amazon has refused to hire at least 100 individuals based on a positive marijuana screening, opening up the possibility for the case to become a class-action lawsuit. Thomas himself is currently seeking backpay, punitive damages, and an injunction against the e-commerce titan to stop the procedure. Amazon has, so far, declined to comment on the allegations.

In other #international #news, #Khiron Life Sciences opens two new #medical #cannabis clinics in #Colombia, as the country’s #domestic #MMJ market grows. The two satellite Zerenia-branded clinics in #Cali and #Bucaramanga will be supported by the company’s flagship health centers in #Bogota, and expand their clinic network to six locations. The move follows the success of Khiron’s initial small format clinic in #Medellin, which helped increase the amount of their paid prescriptions by more than the country’s total amount last year, since its opening in #December. The high-traffic areas of the new clinics will bring access to a combined population of 2.5 #million, helping the company come closer to their goal of reaching a million patients by 2024 by tapping into Colombia’s potential 6-million patient market. While Khiron continues to expand its vertical-integration model within #Latin #America, with additional clinic openings planned for Colombia and #Mexico, the #business is also focusing on their #European operations. Two weeks ago, they became the first medical #marijuana company in Colombia to export live cannabis clones to #Europe, which they plan to use in the development of extracts based on their existing Latin American formulations. The company has already filled prescriptions in the #UK, and expects to launch #German sales in the near future.

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