Medical Marijuana Raid Watch Mankind Collective Have Their Cannabis Returned from SD Police

A San Diego collective has their cannabis returned after a raid in 2015. Ebon Johnson and his collective didn’t receive all their product back, even though the judge signed a court order to give it all back.

Mankind Cooperative’s products were confiscated in June of last year as one of the co-op principles, 41 year old Ebon Johnson was operating a delivery service for qualified patients from his home. Tenant improvements were being made to Mankind’s retail location on Miramar Road and the Co-op was serving its patients with a home delivery service.

Even though the city had all but blessed Mankind’s Conditional Use Permit documents, – the license required for storefront co-ops in San Diego – after the raid, Team 9 refused to acknowledge this or back down and charges were levied against Ebon Johnson. In light of the delicate requirements of the CUP, Ebon thought it best to negotiate a plea so as not to jeopardize Mankind’s permit.

After all the suffering, Mankind has been open for months now. It’s a tidy and fresh shop with a friendly staff. It will now have a portion of its inventory back thanks to a judge who ordered the property returned on September 15th. It is always a treat to see folks get their property back and it was certainly a victory for Ebon Johnson and Mankind as the dolly made its way from under the bowels of the San Diego police department on Broadway, packed with parcels of vape cartridges, and flower. We watched in the shadow of the police facility as Ebon loaded his truck. It’s a tall building and anybody could be watching Ebon’s victory from an overhead window above, Carlson, Paxton, Stevens, anybody. Sorry boys, marijuana is legal.

The missing property apparently ticked off local NBC’s Ashley Matthews and she did a followed-up on the story, Friday. Watch it here:…

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