In #Mexico, #adult-use #cannabis legalization could face further delays, as lawmakers struggle to agree on a regulatory framework. Despite the recent advancement of an implementation #bill through both #legislative chambers, senators are reportedly considering requesting a #deadline extension from the country’s #supreme court due to potential constitutional inconsistencies. This comes after the previous policy deadline was pushed back multiple times from its original date of October 2019, one year after the upper court ruled #marijuana prohibition unconstitutional. Under the latest measure, adults 18 and older would be allowed to purchase and possess up to 28 grams of #marijuana and grow as many as 6 #plants for personal use. Controversial revisions include increased penalties for possession of large amounts of cannabis and the granting of regulatory authority to the existing National Commission Against Addictions instead of the establishment of a new agency. Various politicians are calling for the Senate to approve the bill before the current deadline of #April 30th, and make changes later through subsequent legislation. If the Supreme Court refuses another deadline extension to permit senators to revisit the proposal during the next legislative session in #September, cannabis legalization could be enacted without any corresponding regulations. Though retail sales will likely still be years away even if the current bill is passed by the end of the month, once launched, Mexico will represent the #world’s largest legal adult-use cannabis market.

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