Mexico’s Supreme Court Ends Federal Cannabis Prohibition

In other #international #news, #Mexico’s Supreme Court strikes down the criminalization of #adult-use #cannabis, after lawmakers fail to enact a legalization plan. Under the 8 to 3 ruling, individuals 18 and older will be able to apply for a permit with the county’s Ministry of #Health allowing them to possess up to 28 grams of #marijuana and #cultivate small quantities for personal use. The decision comes nearly 3 years after the #high court declared federal cannabis prohibition #unconstitutional and ordered legislators to draft a corresponding regulatory framework for the new market. Because congress could not agree on specifics of legalization reform and missed the multiple court-mandated deadlines to do so, #recreational marijuana sales will continue to be prohibited nationwide. During a news conference earlier this week, #President Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed he would propose his own reform bill in the #future if the recent policy change does not benefit the country by reducing violence and curbing addiction. While many advocates are applauding the court’s ruling, some worry the health #secretariat might impose barriers to obtaining personal use permits, and drug cartel-related violence could persist due to the lack of legal sales. When lawmakers finally approve rules to regulate marijuana commerce, Mexico will represent the world’s largest adult-use cannabis market.

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