In #Michigan, a pair of state lawmakers plan to introduce legislation banning #cannabis-related #advertising on #billboards. #Republican state representative Mary Whiteford and #Democrat rep Abdullah Hammoud are co-sponsoring two #bills to prohibit the practice, over concern regarding exposure to children. Though not yet commonplace, the form of promotion has become more prominent since Michigan launched an #adult-use #marijuana market in late 2019. While Whiteford argues cannabis should be regulated in the same way as tobacco, which has not been allowed to appear on billboards since 1998, Steve Linder, from the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association, points out that unlike tobacco, marijuana is not considered a #carcinogen. In fact, another carcinogen, #alcohol, remains a regular feature of billboards. Linder is hoping to reach a compromise with Whiteford before the legislation is filed this week. The proposal comes on the heels of a similar battle being waged in #California. Following a 2019 court ruling which determined cannabis billboard ads on all interstate highways are prohibited under the ballot measure that legalized recreational marijuana in the state; democrat #Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin is pushing to extend the ban to all state freeways as well. At the same time, another democrat assemblymember, Bill Quirk, introduced a competing measure to allow the form of advertising on interstates, except for within 15 miles of a state #border. The arguments mirror those in Michigan, with Irwin worried over possible negative #effects on children, and Quirk emphasizing the need for tools to enable California’s legal cannabis businesses to compete with its thriving illicit market. What do you think? Should marijuana billboards be outlawed or restricted? Let us know online at Cannabis #Broadcast Station.

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