NFL Announces $1M In MJ Research Grant Funding

In the sports sector, the NFL announces up to one #million dollars in funding for cannabis research. A joint commission formed by the #National #Football League and its player’s union called the Pain Management Committee will divide the #money between as many as 5 individual studies to investigate the effects of #cannabinoids and other #opioid alternatives on both pain and athletic performance. The move represents the committee’s latest step in their effort to find the best pain treatment options for their players, after they issued an initial request for information on the subject in #February and held two educational, but ultimately inconclusive, forums on CBD last #January. The group’s co-chair Dr. Kevin #Hill highlighted the need for more research, explaining the level of interest in cannabis among athletes exceeds the level of existing evidence supporting its use in #pain management. The league is softening their stance on marijuana in general, as they lessened penalties for positive #cannabis #tests under last year’s collective bargaining agreement with the #players association. It follows similar policy changes in other sports, like #baseball, #hockey, and #MMA. Initial research proposal applications for the #NFL’s recently announced grants are due by the end of #July, with winners expected to be revealed in #November.

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