North Carolina Key Senate Committee Approves MMJ Legalization Bill

In #North #Carolina, #medical #marijuana legalization legislation advances for the first time in the state’s history. The measure, which is sponsored by #republican senator and cancer survivor Bill Rabon, passed the #Senate Judiciary #Committee by a unanimous voice #vote. Under the proposal, patients with one of twelve debilitating medical conditions including epilepsy, #PTSD, and cancer would be able to access medical #cannabis. According to a substitute amendment adopted by the committee last week, additional qualifying #illnesses could be authorized by a 13-member #advisory board. The bill would also establish a separate regulatory agency to oversee the industry, an #MMJ research program, and #business license caps. The bill comes amid several other cannabis #decriminalization, medical and #recreational legalization measures that have been introduced in the state legislature, but have failed to progress any further due to a lack of #bipartisan support. While such efforts face significant resistance from local religious groups, a #January poll from Elon #University revealed 73 percent of North Carolina respondents favor legalizing medical marijuana. Neighboring #Virginia’s recently-approved, upcoming #adult-use cannabis market is also putting increasing pressure on the southern state to enact reform. Rabon’s medical #cannabis legalization plan must now clear two more senate committees before being considered for a floor vote in the full chamber.

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