S4, Extended Episode 5: Celebrating Activism

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Chandra Batra masscann.org
“My name is Chandra Batra, I’m from Cambridge MA, USA and I am a Black, female and Queer medical cannabis patient and disabilit rights advocate. I am a long term survivor of fibromyalgia, asthma , autism and CFS/ME. I was born disabled and have spent my life fighting for myself and other disabled individuals.
I find inspiration in helping marginalized people find a voice , medical choice and a place in cannabis.”
Kerry Cannon freelancegloor.com
Kerry Cannon is a writer for Cannabis Activism now.com and host of the KC Kush show on wjae420.com. She has been a grassroots activist since 2013, shortly after becoming a medical Cannabis patient. Kerry had led the effort to stop, then to try to overturn the ban on dispensaries in Apple Valley California, was the San Bernardino County Coordinator for The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014, and helped in the successful effort to legalize the growing & production of Cannabis in Adelanto California. After moving to Washington state, Kerry began advocating for the release of Washington state federal plant prisoner Lance Gloor.
Miggy420 @cannabisactivismnews
Miggy420 a.k.a Miguel has been blogging about cannabis since 2010, he is presently on his 4th media platform. Activist turned media whore, Miggy wants to change the world and keep the lights on at the same time.

He helps admin one of the largest Marijuana Facebook pages with his podcast partner in crime Thomas Howard. Together they make Cannabis Legalization News or Cannabis Legalization Network on Roku. By using their powers for good, Miggy thinks this makes for ranking SEO and networking, what message are you trying to get
Nicole Lonergan @corkcann
Christopher Elijah Evans @amberlytaylor
11 year old activist, musician, poet and performer for change.

Activism Videos-
Lauren Pray Cannabis 101 MA
Steve Bloom Celebstoner.com NY
Seth Cunnigan CA Walk a Mile with Seth #walkingthroughthepain“
Karen Reeves Centex Community Outreach TX
Nique Pichette Nique-IT MA

Musical Guest:
Daniel Yates

Miss Teddi #FIMM
Cannabis Expert MD
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