S5 E15 Quick Puff: Joshua Graston

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Quick Puff from S5E15 with Joshua Graston

Joshua Graston is the Lead Formulator for Bee Elevated, a licensed processor in the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Market.

He is one of the leading Ethanol Extraction artists in the Nation and a Modern Day Alchemist. He is also the Head Science Writer for Cannabis Oklahoma Magazine.

He is renowned for discovering Time Release Cannabis using a Multi-Lipid Delivery System. This technology allows for multiple waves of effects from a single ingested capsule or edible.

In addition, he discovered the method to Molecularly bind Terpenes to Cannabinoids to elicit a strain specific entourage effect in an orally consumable form.

Joshua is a product of the Future4200 and Grasscity forums, having spent years as a patient studying the works of the free market pioneers like: Greywolf, Ichiban, EloquentSolotions, PsychadelicSam and BadkittySmiles.

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