Season 2 Finale w/ Guests- Dr Travis Wyly, Molly Clinehens and Jenny Dietzel ND

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Health –
Dr. Travis Wyly
Natural Health Care Practitioner and Chiropractor

By the age of 16, Dr. Travis Wyly knew he wanted to be a chiropractor. Dr. Wyly was born with serious, life-threatening health issues. When the doctors said there was nothing they could do, his parents took him, at only 6 weeks old, to see a chiropractor. Under the care of the chiropractor he began to heal and thrive. As a result of his early childhood experience, he grew up taking vitamins and supplements and making regular visits to the chiropractor. While his friends and classmates were often sick and taking antibiotics, he was healthy and rarely ill.
Upon graduating high school in England, he enrolled in the University of Central Arkansas and completed his pre-chiropractic studies. He attended Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas and in 1983 opened his first practice at the age of 24. Dr. Wyly has been a steadfast advocate for the holistic approach to health care. He believes that while there is a time and a place for drugs and surgery, they are being over-utilized and contribute much to the poor health and illness suffered by many today.
In 2006, he opened England Chiropractic & Nutrition. His clinic is a natural health improvement center with an emphasis on improving the health of his patients with a balanced approach of nutrition, diet, chiropractic care and lifestyle modification. He is an Advanced Practitioner in Nutrition Response Testing©, a safe method of evaluating the nutritional needs of patients using muscle testing and other modalities. There are fewer than 800 practitioners in the country who are trained at this advanced level.
According to Dr. Wyly, “Never before has mankind faced the health challenges and issues facing us today. We live in a toxic environment. The quality of our food has never been poorer. Many are over-medicated. In spite of all the money spent on healthcare in the United States, we remain one of the sickest countries on earth. Staying healthy or restoring health has never been harder and requires dedication, commitment and a willingness to do whatever it takes.”
Dr. Wyly lives in England, Arkansas and has 2 grown children. For fun, he likes to hike the trails of Arkansas every chance he gets and spend time with friends and family. Please help me welcome Dr. Travis Wyly.

In the Green Zone
Jenny Dietzel ND and a discussion of preventing and treating cold and flu

Enheduanna is the electro-acoustic solo project of Molly Clinehens. Resisting genre, Enheduanna channels a wide range of feelings and aesthetics. Often, Enheduanna incorporates melodies from Molly’s shamanic chanting practice.

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