Season 3, Episode 10 w/Guests: Joy Caffrey, The Whispering Willows, CannacookTV

In this episode Wendy and Topher host the following guests:


Joy Caffrey

About Joy Caffrey

Joy Caffrey, the creator of Soul-Care Clarity Cards, is a compassionate leader, visionary, and innovator in the healing arts. She focuses on pathways to raise awareness, develop effective and compassionate communication, foster creative solutions, and empower individuals to live their brilliance. As a result, she diminishes limiting beliefs and contributes to the individual and global magnification of clarity, vitality, and purpose.

Joy designed the Soul Care Clarity Cards after years of using the original “Grok” feeling and need card decks and recognizing her clients needed more. These decks derive from the clarifying wisdom Joy gained from 25 years experience:

· Holistic healer and energy medicine practitioner
· International speaker
· Workshop facilitator
· Accomplished visual artist

Author of the forthcoming book
Your Radiance Revealed:
Keys to release fear, shame, and guilt so you can live joyfully

479-409-4912 cell

In the Green Zone:
Chelsie and Christopher Miles from

Musical Guest:

The Whispering Willows

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