Season 3, Episode 12, Quarantine Edition 2 w/Far Away Guests

Wendy and Topher intro the show from their living room. Due to the coronavirus we are still under quarantine. Guests sent in videos as follows:

Sunshine Broder: The Hostess of Sunshine After Dark and Shine Salon once again sent in a video with some hair tips for you.

Health Guest: Jenny Dietzel

In the Green Zone:

Chelsie and Chris Miles return to the show from

Don From Lit Smoking Supplies discusses dabbing

Musical Guest:
Patti Steel

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Many thanks to Out of Hand Artist Collective and Hair Extensions by Miss J.

Thanks to our supporters, patrons, crew and collaborators!

Our amazing crew:

Sound: Derek Wieiand

Camera and Production: Robyn Adair

Consultant and production: Angela Edge

Director: Adrian Sturdevant

Intern: Astra L’amour

Booking: Mike Kinkle

Set Design: Trisha Guting

Editing: Flint Woods

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