Season 3, Episode 16, Quarantine 6: The Sexisode

Join us for quarantine edition 6, our “sexisode” with far away guest. Many of them this week!

Health Guest:

Joy Caffrey

“I have been an Energy Medicine practitioner for twenty years. From the work, I have learned the importance of keeping my vessel clean. That means actively doing my inner work. It means catching myself when I am making up stories in my head. It means yearning for clarity and raising my awareness.

In my own healing process, I have learned to live vibrantly and boldly. I am attuned to my physical and energetic body. I strive to embody integrity and truth. I express creatively and live joyfully. I care deeply about my relationships and I am well loved.

When you are ready to journey, call me at 479-409-4912”

You can learn more about Joy and her services on her website listed above.

In The Green Zone:

Zivah Criswell

Zivah Criswell has been a lifelong seeker on a journey back home to herself. She has made the study of self love her life purpose, learning to love herself to wholeness and empowering women to love themselves while being guided on their own path to healing. Zivah began with a psychology degree, and then spent the next two decades pursuing a variety of studies including counseling certifications, hypnotherapy, dance based movement practices, organic foods & natural health supplements, and most recently, a Cannabis Coach certification. Zivah is on a mission to help women find the answers to their most pressing questions about health, happiness and love through movement, nutritional supplements, cannabis education and community.

Art and Music

“My name is LIleith and I teach so I can help others feel what I feel when I dance and grow as a dancer. I currently perform for a variety of different events in the area, teach workshops and private lessons. Get the latest info on Facebook @lileithpolite”.

Paris Richardson

Lover of life, physical therapist, and belly dancer.

The belly dancing is obviously not on the podcast episode. Please go to our Youtube, The Weed Tube, or FPTV to view the full TV version

Other contributors to this episode:

Astra L’Amour – Our intern interviews Lileith and Paris, as well as Michael Tisdale.

Marsha Lane Foster –

Joshua Smith

Michael Tisdale-

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