Season 3, Episode 19, Quarantine Edition 9 W/Far Away Guests

Join Wendy and Topher as they host the following guests:

Health: Jennifer Rollins

I meet the Pole 20 years ago at a strip club. (1999)

2000 I became a mom for the first time.

In 2002 I began studying yoga and holistic lifestyle.

The Pole came home in 2004 (Thank you Oprah and Shiela Kelly! )

2009 Polistic Plus was born in my bedroom during a week long cleanse after a divorce.

2011 I had my breast implants explanted.

2014 I had tubal ligation reversal, then a miscarriage, then finally in early 15 I birthed my 4th baby at home.

In 2015 tragedy hit my life. I sank into a deep depression and nearly took my own life.

In 2017 I weighed 175 pounds, was developing chronic illness and drinking alcohol on the regular.

January 20, 2018 I made a choice to change my life.

I began 30 minutes of Pole Yoga a week.

8-18-18 I took a vow of sobriety from alcohol.

2 years later, 2020 I am back to my healthy weight of 120-125!


This practice has been thoroughly tested and proven.

The Pole is a trusted energy healing tool.

As long as there are humans suffering, I will share this practice.

For me, and others, the Pole is like a portal to another place, higher dimensions.

This is my testimony of how I turned my life around.

There have been women in my bloodline that have taken their own lives.

Suicide, depression and addiction plague our humanity.

The pole can help.

This is how I serve.

In The Green Zone

RC and Melanie Myers

It’s 2019 and with the legalization of hemp cultivation, the Rollins family risks it all to become pioneers in the hemp movement. This film aims to showcase the determination and faith required to participate in such a green revolution. Made by first time filmmakers Melanie and R.C. Myers.

Musical Guest:

Eternal Twig

They are a band located out of St. Louis, MO. They do mostly originals and bring an energy unlike many other bands. They love spreading the music and they would love to play for you.


The Walk 4 Change

Simeon Basil Quarantine Song



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Sound: Derek Wieiand

Editing: Flint Woods

Intern: Astra L’Amour

Set Design: Trisha Guting

Booking: Mike KInkle

Director and Cameras: Adrian Sturdevant

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