Season 3, Episode 20, Quarantine Edition 10

Join Wendy and Topher as they host the following guests as they continue to produce shows in quarantine:

Zac Slusher joins us at the start of the show. Check out his work on Trashblood Podcast:


Health- Mary WIlliams returns to the show to discuss Leaky Gut.

In the Green Zone-

Coltyn Turner

The Coltyn Turner Foundation’s mission is to raise funds to create ethical, comprehensive, patient driven, observational and anecdotal research surveys as a base for triple blind research studies.

The Coltyn Turner Foundation wants to create a world where curing Cancer is possible, chronic pain can cease, seizures don’t have to take over a child’s life, Crohn’s disease doesn’t have to debilitate, a mind can be unlocked from autism and our Veterans can find peace.

The possibilities are endless.

Cannabis Nurse Janna

Nurse Janna delivers some information about stress reduction and COVID-19.

Nurse Janna’s focus is holistic treatment, natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals including cannabis therapy, and epigenetic screening (nutrigenomics). She has worked as a cannabis-specialty nurse since 2015, and has guided thousands of patients to achieve optimized medical cannabis therapy outcomes. Nurse Janna’s specialties include: Autism, Autoimmune, Inflammatory/Chronic Pain Syndromes,Neurological, Gastrointestinal, and Mental Health conditions. Clients are guided through a process to decrease dependency on pharmaceuticals and optimize the efficacy of safe and effective natural interventions.


A few minutes with Sunshine; Follow Your Gut


Brae Leni

Brae Leni has been bringing his feel-good funk and soul music to audiences in America since 2009. Brae Leni’s captivating, high-energy performances transport audiences to an ultimate soul session. He blends musicianship, creativity and tradition. It’s a bottomless barrel of musical ear candy. Fans tell him time and time again that they love dancing, grooving, and singing along with his music! When itcomes to music he has proven for over a decade now that he truly can do it all.

Quarantine Song: Jeremiah Griffin


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