Season 3, Episode 21, Quarantine Edition 11 W/Far Away Guests

In this episode, Wendy and Topher host the following guests:

In the Green Zone-

Wendy and Topher discuss cannabis. A video of Wendy from a film she was in about plant prisoners will be played also. Check out

Music- Simeon Basil

May joy and kindness follow you. Simeon Basil is a singer-songwriter from Northwest Arkansas with an EP and new Single out. He uses “The Bluebird of Happiness”, a local art piece, as a focal point of his musical inspiration to live each day anew, much like a Phoenix. He draws his sounds and writing style from John Denver, Blink-182, Conor Oberst, and Coldplay and his experiences from living in Northwest Arkansas. Feel free to check everything out at


A few minutes with Sunshine!

Quarantine Song-

Patti Steel and Dominic B. Roy…PhveFR3&fref=tag…Kbl117uLLEUvKEhl WWEeLNvYTbOCaj4EWgR1EBV4QF9xT_OUhC8euQsDIqPhveFR3&fref=tag

Thanks Blaire Hastings for your THAT GIRL!

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