Season 3, Episode 4 With: Angela Edge, Kendra Kirklin,Mary Williams, Kyndal Saverse and Stevie Petet

Join us for Season 3, Episode 4 with the following guests:


Mary Williams, from Statement from Mary: Hi I am Mary Williams. I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. I am also a Restorative Wellness Instructor, an HTMA Practitioner and a Licensed ReStart instructor. In my practice, I help you find the root of health issues in a holistic manner and guide you toward health through eating nutrient dense whole foods and living a non-toxic lifestyle.
In this episode we discuss depression and seasonal affective disorder, and natural ways to help.

In the Green Zone with Kyndal Saverse. Here is Kyndal’s staterment about herself:

I started off in environmental work.. campaigning for clean water, healthy alternatives, and natural energy. And then I fell in love with the garden when I worked at Tri Cycle Farms in Fayetteville, AR. My interests for good food and intentional movement have brought me into some beautiful groups. I have taught yoga for 5 years and it is the practice that gives me the most clarity in my goals.

More recently I have discovered dance… all kinds of dance. I share a special ceremony of cacao and dance where we open our hearts and then move with freedom, play, and grace to a wave of music.

Many people call this cacao medicine, and I would agree. Cacao has a special power to open our hearts, connect with others, and release emotions.


We are joined by Angela Edge and Kendra Kirklin.

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Our additional special guest on this episode is Stevie Petet from Witchsister

We discuss the upcoming season 3 of The Fayetteville Women’s Concert Series and women in music.



Produced, written and created by Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen

Directed by Adrian Sturdevant

Production Consultant and Advisor: Angela Edge

Cameras Robyn Adair and Adrian Sturdevant

Sound Derek Wieand

Booking Mike Kinkle

Set Design Out of Hand Artist Collective

Makeup and Hair Jacqueline Denise of Hair Extensions by Miss J

Music: Theme song written by Samantha Hunt and performed by Samantha Hunt, Patti Steel, and Sarah Loethen

Interim music by Space Pirates and Rochelle Bradshaw

Gratitude to Carmien Tea

Many thanks to CHEERS at the OPO for feeding our cast, crew and guests.

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