Season 3, Episode 8 w/Guests Jody Nally, Bonnie Miller, Cannacooks, & Serpents of Eden

Join us for season 3, episode 8 as Wendy and Topher interview the following guests:

Health Guest:

Yolanda Nally, M.S.W, LCSW, EMDR II, is an integrative psychotherapist in private practice. In addition to receiving her Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in mental health, she has undergone extensive training in various depth psychologies including psychodynamic, transpersonal, and Buddhist traditions as well Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) for trauma.

Mentored by William Symes since 2006, she and Mr. Symes have worked extensively together, building her practice literally alongside the office of Bill Symes in the Sarah Ridge House. Yolanda has over fourteen years of clinical work with a variety of clients while specializing in Bi Polar Disorder and trauma.

A note from Yolanda: I am a psychotherapist, spiritual friend, and teacher, with clients in Northwest Arkansas as well as on both coasts. I am an integrative psychotherapist. What does that mean? It means that I can meet you psychologically and/or spiritually wherever you are because I have done my own work. Over the last twenty years I have trained extensively in both psychological and spiritual methodologies in North America, South America, and through extensive self inquiry.

My practice incorporates Western developmental theory, Eastern depth psychology, as well as a transpersonal approach to personal growth and transformation.

Please note: My office is not a sterile, extremely formal environment; yet, we work very hard while actually having a lot of fun. It is a fantastic journey. When basic talk therapy has not given you the longer term results you have been seeking, depth psychology may help you access your highest wisdom while healing your deepest wounds.

In the Green Zone- Chelsie and Christopher Miles returns to the show with some information on microdosing and how to infuse common condiments.


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