Season 3 Finale w/Far Away Guests

Join us for Season 3, Episode 24, Quarantine Edition 14 with many far away guests!

Mary Williams
Maria Chowdhury
Cammy -Cameron Michael Monroe is a comedian, writer and perfomer

Musical Guests:
Brande Patrice
Veana Marie

Addtional Guests:
Christopher and Chelsie Miles
Lela Besom
Jenny Dietzel ND

Many thanks to our crew, guests, collaborators, patrons, fans and supporters. What a fabulous season it’s been and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Much gratitude to our sponsors:…s/bentonville/

Our Crew:
Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen- Show creators, writers and producers.
Angela Edge- Consultant, Producer and sometimes Videographer
Robyn Adair- Videographer and Director when in studio
Adrian Sturdevant- Director and Videographer when in studio
Derek Wieand -Sound
Editing- Flint Woods
Trisha Guting- Set Design Out of Hand Artist Collective
Hair Extensions by Miss J – Hair and Makeup

See you next season!

William Bradley

William Bradley

Editor and webmaster.

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