Season 4, Episode 16 From Home Still, W/Far Away Guests

In this episode Wendy and Topher interview the following guests:

Health- Leslie Walker
Green Zone- Kerry Cannon
Cannacooks Chelsie and Chris Miles
Little Philosophies-
Nikolas Wildstar

Music and Art
Dr. Brian Nichol
Casey Kirkpatrick
Poet, Fayetteville Arkansas

This show is written and created by Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen
Management and Production -A. Edge Productions
Editing Flint Woods
Booking Music and Art
Theme Song Performed and remixed by Will Brand. Original Lyrics by Samantha Hunt
131 Inclusion Gallery
Karas Healthcare
Buffalo Co
NWA Natural Living
Purely Natural CBD
Highlands Residential Mortgage
Lit Premium Smoking Supplies

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