Season 4, Episode 21 W/Christmas Cookies and Far Away Guests

In this episode, Wendy and Topher interview the following guests:

Health and Wellness- Chelsie Miles

Chelsie is the founder of CannaCook Inc. and the CEO. After seeing her husband (Chris) life change for the better through using cannabis and getting off of many prescriptions, she decided to take her passion for people and make it a reality. When she came up with the idea for CannaCook, she currently was working at a doctor’s office and was seeing the void in the education of cannabis to patients. She decided to launch CannaCook Tv, which was initially what she called it for a few months. She then decided to invest in and take her idea to the next level. Not only does she work diligently to provide high quality recipes to patients, but she also volunteers her time helping Arkansas medical marijuana patients through her and her husband’s charity,

Green Zone- John Lim

Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, NY Business Journal, John Lim is a 26 year old Korean American entrepreneur and creator of the latest must-have stoner game Puff Puff Pass. His game publishing company has released hit games such as AZN FLUSH, the best-selling party game for Asian Americans, and Stay The Fuck Inside, a social distancing game that has raised over $40,000 for COVID19 relief. To date, his games have been enjoyed by many in over 60+ countries around the world.
Little Philosophies- Whitney Wasson

They are an experienced standup comedian and emcee. They started standup in Fayetteville, Arkansas, spent some time in Memphis, TN, and now live in Chicago, IL. They have raveled all over the country too tell jokes at comedy festivals, pizza restaurants, clubs, and esteemed dive bars. “As a sober person, I’ve been proud to perform at international conventions, conferences, and private events related to mental health and substance abuse recovery. Until a global pandemic put standup comedy on pause, I performed weekly in Chicago.”
They currently produce an online standup show called Long Distance Laughs, said to return in 2021.
They are a pretty prolific comedy producer. I began emceeing the Comedians NWA Open Mic in Fayetteville in 2014 (at various venues, notably the infamous Dickson Street Theatre) and began producing showcases at Nomads Music Lounge in 2015. In Chicago in 2016, They co-founded the body-positive, LGBTQ+ show, Strip Joker, an awards show called You Won!, the Christ Farley Cabaret at iO, and a show for sober performers called Serenity Now at The Crowd Theatre.

Music- Wolfy
Wolfy spent most of his youth on one drug or another. He found music, which.always helped with his addictive personality.
More recently, he found solace in sobriety through the ability to create and enjoy things genuinely, and naturally as it was Intended. He believes psychedelics and different sounds brought him back to himself and out of a deep darkness he falls in periodically. 23 and originally from N Little Rock.

This show is written and hosted by Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen
Show management and consulting: A. Edge Productions
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Editing- Flint Woods
House Band- The Buds

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