Season 4, Episode 6 W/Far Away Guests

Join Wendy and Topher as they interview the following guests:
Health- Nikki Lawley

Nikki Lawley Bio

Nikki Lawley, Cannabis Advocate and Educator
š ❈ Traumatic brain injury stole my joy, but cannabis returned it. ›❈
Nikki, a NY state resident, has always been a proud and diligent worker. She’s served as an HVAC filtration salesperson, later starting her own company, then as a casino dealer, and most recently, as a pediatric nurse. She had suffered two traumatic brain injuries during her younger years, but it was the third TBI that suddenly changed everything. In a heartbeat, her life changed from one of optimism, vibrancy, enthusiasm, confidence, and extroversion, to one of constant pain, withdrawal, depression, and hopelessness.
While trying to help administer a routine vaccine to a young boy, Nikki was thrown against the wall, suffering a significant TBI and cervical instability in the process. Nikki’s TBI has caused cognitive deficiencies, confusion, memory loss, anxiety, and pain. She found herself unable to work, unable to interact with others, and in a very dark place. None of the numerous traditional medications she’s tried helped, and if fact, their ghastly side effects left her even worse off.
She had long since reached the end of her rope, when, on a whim, figuring she had nothing more to lose, she turned to cannabis.

Little did she know that this seemingly mundane weed would save her life and restore her hope. Cannabis helps Nikki alleviate her pain, reducing it from unbearable levels to more manageable ones, and empowering to her to live her life again.

Nikki has struggled to find the type of cannabis that works best for her and to have legal access to her medicine. In fact, she regularly travels from Buffalo, NY to Ontario, Canada for legal access to cannabis to medicate herself. Nikki’s experiences with cannabis have filled her with a passion to learn more about the science behind the plant, to advocate for patients everywhere, and to expose others to the wonders of cannabis. She has shared her story and journey with many, she is a member of multiple online support groups for individuals that have suffered head injuries, she serves as an active voice in the cannabis communities, and she hopes to use her story to inspire others to never give up. You can find more information about her journey at

Nikki Lawley

In the Green Zone- Mike Wise

Little Philosophies (Lil Phil) – Zac Slusher and Ray Porter continue the conversation about horror movies.
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Mike Wise Bio-

“Mike Wise is a retired professional skateboarder and National Champion with The University of Texas where he graduated with a degree in Radio-Television-Film. He began growing cannabis in 2005 before being arrested and spending 2 years in a Texas prison. In 2014, he moved to Colorado and filmed: ‘Illegally Alive’, a documentary that is focused on several families who uprooted their lives to obtain access to medical cannabis for their children. As a caregiver, he has made cannabis oil for over 2,500 patients and cured his own crohn’s disease by ingesting the very same oil.

After moving to Amsterdam and launching his own company, OG Labs Genetics, he has traveled the world in search of more information and data on the cannabis plant; most recently to Africa with Rick Simpson. Mike is a photographer for The Cannabis Project and is an educated advocate and activist often seen at various State Capitol and City Hall buildings speaking on behalf of cannabis patient rights. He fights for the repeal of prohibition, and is most notably known for his work as an activist filmmaker, public speaker, gonzo journalist, and medicine man. He also is a Producer on Greg Palast’s latest film: ‘The Best Democracy Money Can Buy’.”

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