Season 4, Episode 8 W/ Far away Guests

In this episode Wendy and Topher intervew the following guests:

Health- Herbalist,midwife, Qigong practitioner and owner and proprietor of BIrthsong Botanicals returns to the show to discuss breastfeeding.

In the Green Zone- John Spounias
Confectioner, alchemist, super villain, blockchain engineer, and weed robot whisperer. CEO of Incorrigible Candy, CMO/CTO of Opalstack. Lives in Southern Colorado. Interested in adobe+hemp-crete and sustainable intentional communities. Likes long walks on the beach.

Dr Brian Nichol pairs a cannabis strain with this episode’s musical guest. Find Dr. Nichol here:

Little Philosophies- Michael Day of Dayvision films returns for part two of his interview with Topher

Music- Monk is King

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Created and written by Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen
Show Manager, Consultant and Film Angela Edge
House Band: The Buds
Editing :Flint Woods
Booking: Mike Kinkle
Thanks to our patrons and collaborators!

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