Season 5, Episode 1: Let’s Talk About Women’s Empowerment

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The Wendy Love Edge Show Does Not Dispense Medical Advice and All of Your Health Choices are Your Own!
Trisha Guting – Artist from California who makes NWA her home.
Robyn Adair- Comedian and Actress
Lynsey Camp-
“I started my career with Wells Fargo in 2009 and currently have been with Highlands residential mortgage since 2004. I have achieved presidents club status every year since 2005 and out of over 480,000+ Loan originators, i have been In the top 1% originators in America since 2018. In 2020 i was ranked Number 577 in Scotsman’s guide top women originators in America.
I grew up in Texas but I have called NW Arkansas home for the last 10 years. I have three wonderful sons who all attended the University of Central Missouri currently which as a single mom most of their life really makes me feel great that I’m able to help them achieve their goals and dreams.
I love rollerskating, dancing and spending time with my family and friends! And a little fun fact about me is I love to crochet! Contact:
Debra Callahan-
Founder, owner and operator of Wo-Can Retreats
Debra started using cannabis later in life. Beginning at 21 in 1977 when she asked her younger brother to pick up some weed and a bong for her and the rest is history. In 1979 she was
diagnosed with MS before there were definitive ways to diagnose it. In 1995 her first grand was
born and she quit thinking this isn’t something grandmas do. Fast forward to 2001 when she
began to have some physical issues and was diagnosed with MS and give western medicine to
treat it. Within 9 years she had be near death twice, paralyzed 3 times and wound up in the
hospital with a failed pancreas and liver. At which time she told her doctor if the cure is going to
kill me then I will take my chances with the ill. 2 week later she was in Spokane, the only place
in Eastern Washington to get medical authorizations and had one. Over the next 10 years she
spent time researching, attending MMJ University taking classes, and attending any and all
functions relating to cannabis such as Hempfest (volunteer for 3 years), CannaCon, Cannabis
Summit and many more gaining knowledge along the way. In 2018 it became apparent to her
that the knowledge being shared on the Westside of the State was not filtering over to the
Eastside. Hence the inception of Wo-Can. Women and Cannabis, an enlightening educating
experience bring like minded women together for knowledge, fellowship, music, stories and so
much more.
Her favorite part of having Wo-Can is meeting new people and sharing knowledge because it
allow her to share knowledge and commune with like minded people. The Wo-Can women have
the most fun and have become a close knit family of women who meet for walks and lunches
throughout the year. We also can call on one another when one of the ladies needs assistance.
When not teaching or advocating for cannabis she can be found in her garden and maintaining
her sustainable farm. She also likes to cook, sew, craft and can. Her Cajun Pickled Asparagus
recipe can be obtained at any extension office in the nation.
She is a teacher, advocate and woman who enjoys everything cannabis from Washington State.

Fanta Vibez
Musician presently from Worcester, MA

Dr Brian Nichol:

Miss Teddi Contact @learnfromteddi on FB

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