Season 5, Episode 12: Let’s Talk About Recovery and Cannabis

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Co host Garrett Riley
Garrett Riley lives in Santa Clarita, CA which is a sprawling suburb about 30 miles north of downtown LA. He works in Sales at a Bank, and has a podcast called “The Garrett Riley podcast”
He has not drank alcohol since 5.8.17
Glen Hadley
Glenn Hadley is Senior Strategist for Dreamscape Marketing spending years working nationally to revitalize behavioral healthcare conferences and pioneering the virtual trade show platform, Glenn wanted to get back to his core goal of helping people break through personally and professionally. He brings a unique, broad, and informed perspective of the healthcare profession to Dreamscape Marketing. Nationally, Glenn is heading the development of new professional business relationships in hopes of bringing healing to new markets. As a former professional tennis player, coach, and director, Glenn brings a wealth of knowledge in team-building and community organization to the behavioral healthcare industry. Additionally, his personal journey into recovery, both emotional and physical, is inspiring and continues to spread hope wherever he speaks. Glenn is also the host of “Perspective Matters: This Week in Behavioral Healthcare” an online talk show that highlights and interviews experts in the field.

Karen Morse-
“I’m a 49 year old Michigan woman. I’ve had 3 spinal surgeries, and have multiple medical conditions. Psoriasis osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, ddd, fibro, no thyroid, carpel tunnel, and bursitis. I had a heart attack in 2018. I hated weed in my teens up till I was 45. Dr wanted me on oxytocin and morphine together, I said F. You. Went to my best friend from school. She set me on the path to freedom of pharma. My fiancee and I started growing and Gator Girl’s Swamp was born in2019 We started the God’s Herbal Garden of Healing Church. Our goal is to open a rehab. For now we want to educate people and bring the addicts in to help them. Marijuana doesn’t make you steal, think selfishly, dominate your life that you will die if you don’t have it. Those drugs aren’t natural. Even alcohol kills, while cannabis chills.”
Jason Roden
“My names Jason. I’m 35 years old. Grew up around the Tulsa area in a pretty normal childhood. Played a lot of sports growing up and was a fairly good athlete. I was diagnosed at a young age with a quite severe case of ADHD so that set the tone for most of my childhood. Started experimenting with drugs around the age of 15. At that time it was just kids being kids but when most people grow out of that phase i carried into most of my adult life. In 2007 i lost my dad in a car accident which was coincidentally around the time of the big oxy contin craze. Rehab in 2009. Relapse after relapse then in 2015 i was sentenced to 6 years in prison following a number of drug and drug related arrests. I served 3 years and when I was released in 2018 I quickly started using again which landed me in a drug court program in the county I’m in and with a 10 year sentence hanging over my head I finally figured I’d give it a real go. As of today I am 422 days clean and sober from all mind altering substances.”

Johnny Ironsights
Cannabis Expert MD, Dr. Brian Nichol
Miss Teddi #FIMM @learnfromteddi
Zivah Criswell #WMM Women’s Mysteries Minute
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