Season 5, Episode 14: Let’s Talk About The Environment

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Guest Co-Host: Joe Grumbine, Founder of The Human Solution International and Willow Creek Springs.

Wajid Hassan
From Pakistan to England and then settling in America, Wajid has lived a
interesting and varied life in many fields of endeavor.
From a technical background as a Field Service Engineer, to stand up
comedian with over twenty years as a union actor doing voice over,
narration, commercials as well as TV and movie roles.
He also encompasses over forty years experience in the field of metaphysics,
healing, spirituality and new age concepts.
An avid hiker he managed to climb to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2006
Africa’s highest mountain in Tanzania.
He is a humanitarian and environmentalist always looking for ways to
improve life for people along with a deep love for our Planet and all the
plants and animals who reside upon Her back.
As a qualified Speaker, Healer and Teacher he can demonstrate how to
reignite the spiritual flame within us and send it outwards to all, improving
not only our own personal lives but those of every lifestream that live on our
beautiful world.
Something he outlines in detail in his #1 bestseller on Amazon,
“The Struggle for World Sanity” which will inspire and uplift those who read it.

Debra Callahan
Debra Callahan is a cannabis activist, grower and the founder of Wocann Women’s Retreat. She has always enjoyed starting and running businesses. In fact, by the time she was 17, she had already started a candle company and won 2nd place in an apple pie baking contest. After raising her 3 children, 5 foster children and 2 grandchildren during which time she volunteered with numerous boards and organizations, including 4 terms as city councilwoman. While on city council she was instrumental in getting laws passed permitting the growing of medical cannabis within the city limits. A huge relief to many medical patients.
Ever the teacher she shares her knowledge of living sustainable and gardening with those in the cannabis community. She teaches classes on numerous topics.
She started using cannabis later in life. Beginning at 21 in 1977 when she asked her younger brother to pick up some weed and a bong for her and the rest is history.
In 1979 she was diagnosed with MS before there were definitive ways to diagnose it. In 1995 her first grand was born and she quit thinking cannabis isn’t something grandmas do. Fast forward to 2001 when she began to have some physical issues and was diagnosed with MS and give western medicine to treat it. Within 9 years she had be near death twice, paralyzed 3 times and wound up in the hospital with a failed pancreas and liver. At which time she told her doctor if the cure is going to kill me then I will take my chances with the ill. 2 week later she was in Spokane, the only place in Eastern Washington to get medical authorizations and had one. Over the next 10 years she spent time researching, attending MMJ University taking classes, and attending any and all functions relating to cannabis such as Hempfest (volunteer for 3 years), CannaCon, Cannabis Summit and many more gaining knowledge along the way. In 2018 it became apparent to her that the knowledge being shared on the Westside of the State was not filtering over to the Eastside.
Hence the inception of Wo-Can. Women and Cannabis, an enlightening educating experience bring like minded women together for knowledge, fellowship, music, stories and so much more.
She is a teacher, advocate and woman who enjoys everything cannabis from Washington State.
Find Debra Markle Callahan on Facebook to connect.
Amanda Jo McCarty
“I am an experienced hairstylist with a passion for the environment and protecting people from toxic beauty. I have spent 2 decades educating my industry about hair and skin products. Ingredients can be the cause of #infertility #autoimmune and #cancer. I provide online consultations about hair and skin but we also go through everything your exposed to at home, work, or school!
I also lead a team of individuals who run their own beauty business based in gratitude and service to others.
That’s what I do, but this is who I am.
I’ve been with my wife for 10 years, we have 2 beautiful boys who are grown and live in Northwest Arkansas. Our youngest gave us a grandbaby last December and she has completely stolen our hearts. I love making reiki infused jewelry, doing yoga, walking on the beach and shelling, and reading.”
Musical Guest
Cannabis Expert MD
Miss Teddi @learnfromteddi on FB
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