Season 5, Episode 19: Let’s Talk About Mushrooms

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Guest Host: Rochelle Bradshaw
Known for her powerful unique voice and dynamic stage presence Portland Jamaica
born singer songwriter Rochelle Bradshaw’s history with the reggae genre goes back to
her early childhood when she watched her father, Anthony Bradshaw and uncle, Devon
Bradshaw practice in her home with international star and Grammy winner Burning
Spear and other world-renowned musicians.
“ After my first performance at 13 years old I knew the stage was my life, from here I
can tell my story” since then she’s toured the world over with artists like Stephen
Marley, The Original Wailers & others. When asked about her living in Fayetteville
Arkansas, she thanks the late Joseph Israel as the one responsible for introducing her to
the community she now calls home.
Forming the band Rochelle Bradshaw & Hypnotion in 2013 she believes that through
music we can communicate , educate and connect no matter the culture or language.
Tho not wanting to put any particular brand or description to her music she says it is
soulful, hard-hitting powerful reggae.
Joie Leigh, GI Mary Jane
Armed with a gift to compassionately communicate and stand her ground, Joie Leigh A.K.A. GI Mary Jane has made a commitment to her community that she will work hard to raise awareness and promote the change of the archaic legislation that has made victims of the people they were written to protect. Joie Leigh launched Platoon 420 in 2019 in order to create a platform that reports the stories of the drug wars from the perspective of the victims.
Maxine Stone
As a long time mushroom enthusiast or “mycophile”, Maxine Stone has enjoyed mushroom hunting and identifying mushrooms for a long time. She is the author of, “Missouri’s Wild Mushrooms”.
Kelly Boylan
Kelly Boylan aka Mhizztearee
Mhizztearee is a DJ on Mountain High X Entertainment and a 420 influencer out of Michigan, Before she was a 420 patient and influencer, it was hard for her to get by every day with the pain of extreme abuse. For daily issues she uses cannabis but for major mental healing she turns to psilocybin. Her views on it are it is healing medicine like any other plant.

Musical Guest: Bootleg Royale-
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