Season 5, Episode 5: Let’s Talk About Creating A Peaceful Life

The Wendy Love Edge Show does not dispense medical advice and all of your health choices are your own.
Guest Co Host, Blaire Hastings:
Hastings grew up in Southern California. She has been ambitious in her own attempt to cultivate her passions in singing, acting and modeling

Recently, she has been featured as an actor/model on national commercials, movies and other brand products. In addition, Blaire has been a guest on the radio station 105.3 Kiss NWA and other broadcasts including Fayetteville Public Television. Blaire has also been published in an article in the west coast media source “Purposely Awakened” and had her own #IHeartRadio.

She hopes to use her skill set to continue growth in acting, modeling and singing.

Desiree Lotz:
Desiree Lotz has been helping people with their health for more than 40 years. Her basic philosophy is that all symptoms people experience is an indication that they have deficiencies or excesses in their diet.

Desiree loves what she does. She is from South Africa and now resides in the USA. She has helped people deal with their stress and improve health conditions even see early signs of possible sickness. She also helps people to overcome addiction too. For her, helping people is the most important thing in her life, whether it’s with basic information about their bodies or guiding them on how to look for what is best for them. She aims to help calm the planet down.
Amanda Ashley
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