Season 5, Episode 7: Let’s Talk About Herbal Medicine

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Guest Co-Host: Maria Chowdhury
Herbalist and Owner of Birth Song Botanicals Company.

Known as the “wild woman of the Ozarks”, D’Coda is the last of a line of Ozark grannywomen dating
back through her Choctaw grandmothers. An herbalist for over 50 years, an instructor for 17 years, now
with the Ozark Herbal Academy. Producer of the YouTube broadcast “Herbal Knowledge Keepers”.
D’Coda grew up in Colorado with her grandmother (an Ozark Grannywoman) and great-grandmother (a Choctaw medicine woman). At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease, medical doctors said there was no cure, and she would have to stay on antibiotics the rest of her life. In this setting, D’Coda experienced the conflict between modern medicine and Ozark herbalism back in the 1950s. Her mother wanted her to be treated by “modern medicine” but her Grandmother, who
insisted that plants were the answer, won out. D’Coda overcame the illness thanks to natural treatments and became her grandmother’s dedicated pupil known as the “wild woman of the Ozarks”, D’Coda is the last of a line of Ozark Granny Women.

Director, Instructor
Ozark Herbal Academy
The Ultimate Herbal Database
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Anna May Meade
Anna and Mary Meade are sisters. Mary had metastatic breast cancer and wanted to know if cannabis could help. Anna lived in MA were cannabis was legal and helped Mary use cannabis to manage her sleep, pain, and opioid withdrawal after her surgery. We realized that many people could benefit from cannabis but might not have a sister to help them. So we decided to write a book to answer basic questions.
The book has been well received across the country and has traveled to countries around the world. Everyone wants to know about THC, CBD, and cannabis products. “A powerhouse of information, guidance, science, and art.” “ A must buy.” The book is a great introduction and a resource for the more experienced consumer.
The book hit the Amazon bestseller list soon after it’s release and has received many 5 star reviews.
It is also on Barnes & Nobel
and on Anna May’s Website:

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