Season 5, Episode 8: Fashion and Wellness

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Guest Co-Host: Jacqueline Denise
Rosie Rose:
Rosie Rose is a clothing designer from Northwest Arkansas. Influenced by art and nature, her work is fearlessly artistic and creative. She has designed custom garments for clients all over the world. She has shown her work at 6 seasons of Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week, as well as winning the 2017 Black Apple Award for Favorite Designer. As a mother of two daughters, she thinks it is incredibly important for all body types to be represented in fashion, and is working from the ground up to change the norms. Her runway shows include models of all ages, size, ethnicity, ability, and sexuality. She feels embracing the spectrum of human diversity, and promoting love and tolerance of all people, is equally important to creating beautiful and exciting clothing designs. Website:
Lawrence Serbin

Lawrence Serbin has been in the hemp industry since 1990. He started out by joining and becoming the executive director of the Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH). In 1994 Mr. Serbin started his own business Hemp Traders specializing in hemp textiles. Hemp Traders has expanded to including other hemp fiber products such as yarn, twine, rope, and raw fibers. Mr. Serbin started the company Cannagrove in 2019 to make and sell hemp particleboard. Currently Lawrence is growing his first batch of American fiber hemp in California. He has started a new company, Riverdale Hemp Factory to process hemp fiber for textile and building purposes.
Musical Guest: Brick Fields
Cananbis Expert MD, Dr Brian Nichol
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