Season4, Extended Episode 2: Celebrating Art and Music

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In this show we explore art and music and the following guests appear:
Jenny Dietzel, Naturopathic Doctor (ND) Contact:
Musical Guests:
Before We Burn Contact
King Pimpin′
Matt Flowers: IG @happy_hillbilly419
Matt Flowers
“My name is Matt Flowers. I am a survivor of child abuse, sexual abuse by a family member (at a very young age), and neglect. I was born in Iowa, but moved to Arkansas at 9 years old, in 1992. About 1997 or 1998, I discovered cannabis for the first time. I realized that I was finally able to be calm after years of being prescribed different types of medicines for ADHD that did not work. I was finally able to feel normal. Since cannabis was not yet legal, I struggled through using different narcotics, psychotropic medicines, and prescriptions for my various health issues. This led to suicide attempts throughout my life, including one that led me to being hospitalized. About the same time, cannabis was coming up for a legalization vote in Arkansas. My wife and I decided to explore the use of cannabis once again as part of my medical regime. Of course, that made a big difference.
In the past couple years, I have opened up to my wife and we discovered together that cannabis helps my pain and makes me a better father and husband. Creating art became an outlet for my mental health therapy, especially since I struggle with reading and writing, so journaling was not helpful for me. After a few months, I discovered that painting pieces that feature cannabis are the ones that I enjoy creating the most.”
Emily Victoria Smith: @theonemanbandit
Emily V. Smith is a Northwest Arkansas visual artist specializing in one-of-a-kind, multi-dimensional, upcycled art pieces for collectors of and investors in abstract art. Throughout the years, she has refined her artistic skills in various mediums, including abstract painting, mixed media, assemblage, sculpture, collage, sustainable fashion, creative writing, and photography.

Emily has been a featured visual artist for the NWA Sensory Iconoclasts in both 2017 and 2018, a twice distinguished speaker at Crystal Bridges Muesum of American Art about sustainability in the art industry. She was selected as a member of the Artist Inc. Collective, a part of the Mid America Art Alliance, and is an alumni of the class of 2019. She’s written for numerous local publications over the years, focusing on sustainability in fashion and has been featured in the national publication ‘Altered Couture’ on several occasions.

Regular Cast Members:
Dr Brian Nichol, Cannabis Expert M.D.
Miss Teddi

This show is created and written by Wendy Love Edge and Topher Kogen, and produced and managed by A. Edge Productions.
Booking art and music: [email protected]
Editing: Flint Woods
Theme Song lyrics by Samantha Hunt, Music and performance by Will Brand.
Transition Music Angela Edge
Transition production: A. Edge Productions and Topher Kogen
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