The Wendy Love Edge Show, Quick Puff: Alexandra Stockwell, MD

Join us for a #quickpuff of #thewendyloveedgeshow with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell
Alexandra Stockwell, MD, is Luxury Love and Intimacy Mentor, known as “The Intimacy Doctor”. She specializes in showing couples how to build beautiful, long-lasting, passionate relationships, and she can help your listeners transform their marriages into the most loving, intimate, passionate and fulfilling relationships ever.

Does everyone see your relationship as a wonderful, conflict-free union from the outside? Do you know that it’s more of a case of being passion-free on the inside? Alexandra can help you with that. She believes that the key to keeping relationships full of fire, passion and intimacy is not compromise, but collaboration. She’s seen many highly successful women feel unsupported by their partners and has coached the couple through how to build each other up instead of tearing each other down, and has coached hundreds of couples who previously and wrongly believed that long-term relationships are where passion goes to die. She is also the bestselling author of, “Uncompromising Intimacy”, and host of the highly acclaimed, “The Marriage Podcast”.

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