The Wendy Love Edge Show, Quick Puff: Joie Leigh, GI Mary Jane

Join us for a #quickpuff of #thewendyloveedgeshow with GI Mary Jane from Season 5, Episode 19: Let’s Talk About Mushrooms.
From GI Mary Jane:

“Growing up as the daughter of a Baltimore City police officer, Joie Leigh was exposed early on in life to a world of awe-inspiring contrast. She developed a great sense of love and unity from her family and the community surrounding her and took joy in being of service to others through various outreach programs. In contrast, Joie saw first hand all of the crime and poverty on the streets of Baltimore City. She saw her father, a true servant of the people become frustrated with the rise of corruption in the BCPD and quickly realized that corruption was helping to facilitate the downfall of the city she loved.
Her decision to follow her dreams in life when it came to what she believed in exposed her to a life full of scrutiny. She went on to serve as director of outreach for Maryland’s chapter of NORML, lobbying in favor of cannabis legalization at the state and federal levels. Joie received The Architect of the capitol recognition in 2018 when a flag was raised above the US Capitol on July 4th in honor of her activism efforts. In 2019, she launched Platoon 420 and currently stands as the Director of the National Smoke In as well as head of coalitions for the Libertarian Party Psychedelic Caucus”.

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