WLES Show Extra With Guest: Cyd Starr

Join us with our guest, Cyd Starr who was diagnosed with cancer in late January 2020. She underwent radiation/chemo from March to May. Discovered she still had cancer in September. Underwent hysterectomy in November. Learned that she still had cancer in December 2020. In January 2021, she was given a terminal prognosis.

Cyd moved to Fayetteville 17 years ago. Before cancer she was running a successful small business (salon) in Fayetteville. For about a year, she continued working with a few breaks throughout 2020.

Cyd has 3 children. Ages 21, 14, and 12. They all live at home with her. She is a widow. Her husband and the father of her 2 youngest children died when they were very young.
She is now having to file bankruptcy because of the medical debt she acquired while uninsured and undergoing treatment. She is filing for bankruptcy in attempt to keep the treatment center from coming after her home when she dies. It is the only asset she has, and she is worried about her children having their home taken away after losing their mom.

Cyd is currently trying some alternative health treatments in hopes of saving her life.

Donate to this fundraiser for Cyd here:

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