Heavener City Council Approves Revised Ordinance

Heavener City Council Approves Revised Ordinance.

Home grows are safe. No restrictions on hours.

The Heavener City Council unanimously approved a revised city ordinance that removes most of the home grow section. The remaining items under that section are city code related stuff.

Additionally, they decided to remove the section regarding hours of operation, as well as certain restrictions about where cannabis businesses can be placed. The new ordinance now reflects current OMMA law in regards to placement within 1,000 feet of schools.

The ordinance specifies a $400 yearly inspection fee as well as a $400 one-time certificate of compliance fee. These fees appear to be common among municipalities, and in fact, Heavener’s fees are quite reasonable compared to some.

There was some questions raised about the legality of cannabis on a Federal level. Mayor Max Roberts responded that the City’s interest is in remaining compliant with current state law at this time and that the city would worry about what the Feds do when they get around to legalising.

The Stashbox team would like to thank the Heavener City Council for listening to our concerns and responding in a timely fashion.

Text of the full ordinance:

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