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Hi, my name is Jennifer Sharpe, ya know the crazy girl who loves to make cannabis edibles!! I’m happily married with one amazing child, me wanting to be around for my husband & that child & some little grandbabies one day is the reason why I chose cannabis as my only medication now!

I suffer from many health conditions & mental illnesses. The main issue I have is my MS & bipolar disorder with mania, my MS has affected my brain function pretty badly & I have “early-onset dementia”. Some days I can conquer anything and other days I don’t know my name.

The way it affects my brain also affects my mental illness and cannabis is the only thing that helps me fully! When I was on medication, TWENTY-ONE prescription medications at once. I didn’t have good days and bad days. I had bad days. I was miserable and I didn’t want to live some days because of the pain and depression.

I was so overweight I didn’t want to move. No matter the diet I failed, until I quit pharmaceuticals completely! The day I got my card I started to wean myself off all the meds I was on, against doctor’s orders at that, the doctors actually advised against it and said I might die!! Now here I am, 100 pounds lighter and on NO pharmaceuticals at all!!

Cannabis has saved me, it’s given me a life back that I haven’t felt since I was young and that feels just amazing!! There was no pharmaceutical or combination of pharmaceuticals that ever helped me the way cannabis does so that’s why I choose cannabis because I wanted to choose LIFE.

– Jennifer Sharpe

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