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It was my privilege to get to attend a concert provided by MadDabber 710 at Lefthanded Okies in Shady Point, Ok on June 19th. MadDabber’s musical style ranges from Stevie Ray Vaughn Text Flood style blues to funky jam rhythms similar to the Grateful Dead and even rap and hip-hop music. Through it all, he managed to keep things funky and fun.

I apologize for the quality of the video and promise my videography skills will improve but be sure to check out the video I stitched together from the various clips I was able to grab.
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Also, do be sure to check out his bio. He has a very interesting story. MadDabber710 was backed by the following musicians:
Guitar – Sammy Hill

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Who am I? I am the “Famous Sammy Hill”. I am a musician that also works in the world of communications……. I am an Entrepreneur of sorts…I like adventure…..I am currently the lead guitarist of Big Trouble Tradition (Go like them now please 🙂 I have played in bands most of my life…I have toured and met lots of cool ass people and some not so cool people…..I dig hot rods…I have several cool guitars my favorite being a 1964 Jazz master…..My main amp as of late is my Randall Combo its pretty salty with the sound…I love my Marshall JCM 900 Dual Lead series…it is hands down the best amp I have ever owned…..Boomer Customer light Strings 9’s and 10’s…I use extra light strings on my acoustics…except for my classical….light gauge again with nylon….anyway….thanks for reading and drop me a line!”
Drums – Oma Viles

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“Disce quasi semper victurus; vive quasi cras moriturus” I’m a happy go lucky kinda guy 50% of the time and I worry about the other 50% the other half of the time. “Life Is Too Short Not To Have Fun……… Life is Too Short for Long Term Parking…. Don’t burn your bridges, USE Explosives!”

Bass: Kendall Edwards

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The session musicians deserve a special shoutout for skillfully playing along with songs they didn’t know. They performed very well with very little practice. They literally played two songs together before they went live.

Thanks to Derek Kolb and Lefthanded Okies for hosting the event. Check out his Veteran’s Corner Page

Thanks to Michelle Ashford for help coordinating the session musicians and sound.

Thanks to Larry Taylor from Rearview Mirror for the use of the sound equipment.

– By William Bradley

Photos from the Concert:

William Bradley

William Bradley

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